SSS® Jaguar 26R Micro Rider Scrubber - 26"

Item # SSS86015

  • Controls are mounted on the steering wheel for safety. EcoBoss dispensing system puts you in charge of the cleaning performance.
  • Scrub head type: Dual disc; Capacity: 21 Gal.
  • Brush motor: 0.54 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.56 hp
  • Waterlift: 57"; (4) 6V Wet Acid batteries 242AH
26", 242AH, ea
Manufacturers Item #86015
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  • With a 26" cleaning path and a scrub speed of 3.7 MPH, it cleans more area in less time that conventional walk-behind scrubbers.
  • Built-in squeegee hanger now makes transporting through tight doorways a breeze. Ease of maintenance is also improved with better access and handling of the squeegee.
  • A unique feature that allows the solution tank to be vacuumed out into the recovery tank. This provides a clean water rinse of the dirty water tank, making maintenance easy.
  • An overall length of just 53.5" and a aisle turning radius of 59" which opens up new cleaning opportunities with greater productivity.
  • Sliding scrub deck eliminates side skirts.
  • Quiet mode for cleaning in noise sensitive environments.
  • Low step height, wide seat and open operators compartment makes it easy to use by anyone.
  • Debris catch cage helps prevent clogged drains.
  • Integrated squeegee hanger makes it easy to transport through narrow doorways.


  • Maximum Speed: 3.7 MPH
  • Brush Pressure: Setting 1 = 65 lb.; Setting 2 = 105 lb.
  • Vacuum Airflow: 55.3 CFM
  • Water Flow: 0.26/.08 GPM
  • Min. Turn Around Aisle Width: 59"
  • Maximum Ramp Climbing: 16 degrees
  • Squeegee Width: 35"
  • Battery Charger: 24 VDC onboard
  • Machine Voltage: 24 VDC